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Gamesproducer UK & USA offer a range of business and specialist consultancy services in video games, new media and technology as well as practical business and project management. David Palmer and his colleagues have a wealth of experience in these fields and we are happy to quote for services in any of these business areas.

Current Clients:

Gameware Europe Ltd
Officially handling work on intellectual property rights to Creature Labs and the Creatures franchise. James Pond and Living Pictures software and game products. You can learn more about Creatures visit the link here: Creatures

Mastertronic Ltd
US Licensing work.

Past Clients have included:

Farsight Studios
Where applicable officially licensing Farsight Studios video game titles in Europe. Please contact us for further information.

Dark Water Studios Ltd/Instinct Technology. Derry Northern Ireland.
Dark Water Studios, is a start up video game development company. Role. To assist and advise on development, game design, project planning and industry introductions. Gained first contract on behalf of the company for its superb PC and Xbox360 Dogfighter title.

And also sister company Instinct Technology, a middleware provider of the Instinct 3d middleware suite.
http://www.instinct-tech.com Dogfighter is based on Instinct Tec and well worthy of consideration as a top flight 3d game engine.

System 3 Ltd/Play It Ltd. Covent Garden, London.
2003 Consultant Head of Development & Publishing for System 3 Ltd & Play It Ltd, two of Europe’s leading independent Value Range video game publishers